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Foreign Course Code Foreign Course Title Hours Tulane Department Program Name Tulane Equivalency
IT 250
6.00 French & Italian  Italy: IES Milan  ITAL 5380/5390
Advanced Intermediate Italian 
EC 320
3.00 Economics  Italy: IES Milan  ECON 5380/5390
Business, Government & the Global Economy 
AH 340
3.00 Art  Italy: IES Milan  ARHS 5380/5390
Cracking the Code: Leonardo da Vinci
& Renaissance Art in Milan, 1400-1550 
IT 230
3.00 French & Italian  Italy: IES Milan  ITAL 5380/5390
Italian Conversation: Culture & Cuisine of Italy 
IES SO 342
3.00 Sociology  Italy: IES Milan  SOCI 5380/5390:
Italian Society & City of Milan since 1945:
Comparative & Multicultural Issues 
IES FS 330
3.00 Film Studies  Italy: IES Milan  FMST 5380/5390:
The Golden Age of Italian Cinema:
In Between Authors and Genres 
IES CM 325
3.00 Communication  Italy: IES Milan  COMM 5380/5390:
TV, Communication and Media in Milan