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Applying to Study Abroad

Applying to Study Abroad
Selection Process

Selection for a study abroad program is a two-step process.  Students must first be approved by Newcomb-Tulane College, and then accepted by the program or host university.  The Newcomb-Tulane College Study Abroad Committee reviews and approves applications for study abroad, and scrutinizes closely all Independent Scholar Option (ISO) proposals.  To be considered for study abroad, students must be academically eligible and in good standing in the College.  They must also carefully prepare an on-line application, which includes an essay, a proposed course of study, letters of recommendation, a record of prior coursework and CGPA. Students will, in almost all cases, also have to complete a separate application, which they will submit directly to the foreign university or study abroad provider.

While it is the objective of Newcomb-Tulane College to give every eligible student the opportunity to study abroad, the Study Abroad Committee, in the interest of preserving the quality of the study abroad experience for all students, reserves the right to limit the number of Tulane students approved to participate in any given program.  Students should expect the selection process for popular programs to be competitive.  In its selection process, the Committee will focus on relative strength of academic credentials and clarity of educational purpose as expressed in the application.  In the event an academically eligible student is not selected to study abroad in his or her preferred program, s/he will be invited to submit an application for a different program. 

If a student believes there are grounds for an appeal of the Committee’s decision, s/he must make an appointment with the Director of Study Abroad within one week of the date of the notification letter.  The Committee's decision on the appeal is final.